Show Me The Money Pro Late Model Series

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Series Overview
Formerly Known As: Show Me The Money Pro Late Model Series presented by Blacksheep Woodlands (2017)
Series Founded: 2009 Series active!
Car Style: Pro Late Model Region: Montgomery Motor Speedway
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Augie Grill (15) Most Titles: Three drivers (2)
Number of Races: 49 Number of Drivers:
Project Status: Complete
In March 2019, our site added the complete statistical history of this major one-track miniseries. Please note that while Pro Late Models did run at MMS in 2013 and 2014, they ran a limited number of low-purse races and the Show Me The Money moniker was not used during those two seasons. As such, we do not include those years in our history of the tour.
Season Races Champion Margin Most Wins
2009 4 Augie Grill Four Drivers (1)
2010 6 John Bolen Chase Elliott (3)
2011 6 Hunter Robbins +52 Augie Grill (3)
2012 5 Hunter Robbins +56 Mason Massey (2)
2015 7 Bret Holmes +53 Augie Grill (3)
2016 8 Casey Roderick +56 Casey Roderick (4)
2017 6 Casey Roderick +74 Casey Roderick (5)
2018 6 John Bolen +36 Augie Grill & Casey Roderick (2)