NCRA Southern Sport Modified Series

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Series Overview
Formerly Known As: O'Reilly Auto Parts NCRA Oklahoma Sport Modified Series (2009); O'Reilly Auto Parts NCRA Southern Modified Series (2010)
Series Founded: 2009 Series Disbanded: 2014
Car Style: B-Mod Region: Southern Great Plains
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Travis Johnson (12) Most Titles: Chad McNamara (3)
Number of Races: 49 Number of Drivers: 239
Project Status: COMPLETE
In March 2018, The Third Turn finished adding the complete statistical history of this series. All races in tour history now have a complete rundown. In 2014, the tour ran one race and then appeared to have quietly folded. We have been unable to find any proof that any additional races that season were run and the points standings released by NCRA seem to back up a single race being contested.