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War of the Wings

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Series Overview
Alternatively Known As: Hydraulink War of the Wings
Series Founded: 1998 Series active!
Car Style: 410 Winged Sprint Region: New Zealand South Island
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Unknown Most Titles: Jamie Duff (4)
Number of Races: 17 Number of Drivers:
Project Status: INCOMPLETE
The Third Turn began covering this series in the 2019 season and will try to backfill as much history of this tour as we can in the future.
Season Races Champion Margin Most Wins
1998 Bruce Pluck
1999 Steve Duff
2000 Daryl Wright
2001 Jeremy Harley
2002 Nigel Brown
2003 Kevin Freeman
2004 Kevin Clive
2005 Jeremy Harley
2008 Kevin Freeman
2009 Danny Mayson
2010 Jamie Duff
2012 Barry Martinez
2013 Ray Baughan
2014 Jason Scott
2015 Matt Honeywell
2016 Matt Honeywell, Ray Baughan, Allan Woods
2017 Jamie Duff
2018 Jamie Duff
2019 9 Jamie Duff +31 Jamie Duff (4)
2020 4 Caleb Baughan No repeat winners
2021 4 Jamie Duff +63 Jamie Duff (3)