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Holden Trade Club Saloon Speedweek

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Series Overview
Alternatively Known As: TelstaClear Saloon Speedweek (2002-2005); DHL Saloon Speedweek (2006-2008); DHL Southern Saloon Series (2009); DHL Interislander South Island Speedweek (2010); DHL Interislander Saloon Speedweek (2011); DHL South Island Speedweek (2012); DHL Saloon Speedweek presented by Cardwell Racing Supplies (2013-2014); Valvoline Saloon Speedweek presented by Cardwell Racing Supplies (2015-2016); Holden Trade Club Saloon Speedweek presented by Valvoline (2017-present)
Series Founded: 2002 Series active!
Car Style: Super Saloon Region: South Island, New Zealand
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Unknown Most Titles: Chris Cowling (5)
Number of Races: 75 Number of Drivers:
Project Status: AGAIGG
In December 2019, The Third Turn backfilled as much history of this series as is available on the internet. We have complete race-by-race results from the 2008 season forwards. 2007 is complete except for the final race where we only have located a podium for the feature. No races are known for 2002-2006. If you possess any the missing information, please contact us.