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Series Overview
Alternatively Known As: World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series (1978-1981; 2004-2007; 2009-2012; 2015); World of Outlaws Budweiser Sprint Series (1982); World of Outlaws Skoal Bandit Shootout (1983-1984); World of Outlaws Copenhagen/Skoal Shootout (1985-1994); World of Outlaws Skoal Outlaw Series (1995-1996); Pennzoil World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series (1997-2002); O'Reilly World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series (2003); Advance Auto Parts World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series (2008); World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series (2013-2014); World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series (2016-2018); World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series (2019-present)
Series Founded: 1978 Series active!
Car Style: 410 Winged Sprint Car Region: National
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Steve Kinser (690) Most Titles: Steve Kinser (20)
Number of Races: 3415 Number of Drivers: 1028
Project Status: IN PROGRESS
In December 2016, The Third Turn completed an audit to ensure that a full race listing (every known A-Feature and corresponding winner) existed and were linked in our database. As such, we believe every race in series history is now on our site. Full-field rundowns are available for 1995 to present day. 1978-1994 has a number of complete rundowns but mostly just the winner/top-five at this time. Tons of data remains for The Third Turn to go through and add.

Statisticians Notes: In January 2018 WoO officials chose to count non-split-field Preliminary Features as official series races counting towards winner's totals, reversing a previous decision to only include the A-Feature race of an event (aka the last night of racing at a track for an event). as of May 17, 2018, all Preliminary races are included in our WoO statistics after the organization provided us with their official list of winners.

After the preliminary races are added, there are a number of discrepancies between the official WoO winners' list and our list. We are working to document those and determine where these discrapencies arose from. We will reach out to WoO once this audit is complete to try to come to an understanding.
Driver T10s Starts %
Dub May 14 17 82.4%
Kyle Hirst 14 51 27.5%
Jimmy Boyd 5 9 55.6%
Tommy Tarlton 4 30 13.3%
Allen Klinger 2 2 100%
Buster Venard 2 3 66.7%
Jayme Barnes 2 12 16.7%
Chris Shirek 2 26 7.7%
Andy Gregg 2 7 28.6%
Tyler Wolf 1 8 12.5%
Nate Dussel 1 1 100%
Aaron Higgins 1 1 100%
Gary Scott 1 1 100%
Bill Stief 1 1 100%
Mitchell Faccinto 1 5 20%
Mason Moore 1 7 14.3%
Craig Stidham 1 3 33.3%
D.J. Netto 1 21 4.8%
Manny Moore 1 1 100%
Jared Peterson 1 2 50%
Tommy Tarlton, Jr. 1 1 100%
Bobby McMahan 1 1 100%