United Speed Alliance Racing Late Model Series

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Series Overview
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Series Founded: 1987 Series Disbanded: 1994
Car Style: Late Model Region: Florida
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Most Titles: Eddie King & Mario Gosselin (2)
Number of Races: Number of Drivers:
Project Status: Incomplete
Very limited information is available about this series. The Third Turn has what data could be acquired; if you have any information that we are missing, please contact us.

The series was reorganized as the USAR Hooters Late Model Series in 1995.

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Season Races Champion Margin Most Wins
1987 Frank Johnson
1988 13 Joe Nemechek +30.5 Joe Nemechek & Dick Anderson (6)
1989 Eddie King
1990 3+ Kevin Durden
1991 14+ Eddie King
1993 2+ Mario Gosselin
1994 3+ Mario Gosselin