USAC Southwest Sprint Car Series

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Series Overview
Formerly Known As: Sands Chevrolet USAC Southwest Sprint Car Series (2017-present)
Series Founded: 2013 Series active!
Car Style: Wingless Sprint Region: Desert Southwest
Quick Stats
Most Wins: R.J. Johnson (49) Most Titles: R.J. Johnson (5)
Number of Races: 125 Number of Drivers: 113
Project Status: COMPLETE
The series began in 2013 and appears to be a driver and ownership continuation of the ASCS Canyon Region. However since ASCS only counts the ASCS-sanctioned years toward their stats, and USAC does the same toward theirs, we separate the two. Additionally, USAC sanctioned a Southwest region between 2002 and 2004 (including two years when it went by the current name). However, those stats do not count towards the all-time wins list and more information on that series can be found at its last title, the Sprint Car Racing League.

Note that this series utilized 360 Wingless Sprints through the 2018 season, switching to 410 Wingless Sprints starting in 2019.

Tyler Adams Brady Bacon Robert Ballou Cody Batten Ryan Bernal Chad Boespflug
Clint Boyles Justin Brown (NM) John Carney, II Isaac Chapple Billy Chester, III Bryan Clauson
Landon Cling Sterling Cling Dean Colquette Tom Colquette Jerry Coons, Jr. Colby Copeland
Tyler Courtney Michael Curtis Dave Darland Charles Davis, Jr. Michael Dayney Shon Deskins
Carson Ditsch Cody Dons Jay Ervine Tony Everhart Vickie Faber Danny Faria, Jr.
Aaron Farney Mark Ferrera Dalten Gabbard Damion Gardner Ronnie Gardner Gary Gonzales
Jason Grady Josh Grady Justin Grant Brandon Hacker Stephen Harms James Hatch
Nathan High Tracy Hines Josh Hodges Brian Hosford Corey Hurley J.T. Imperial
Tyler Jackson (NM) R.J. Johnson (AZ) Connor Kassik Austin Kuehl C.J. Leary Danny Lee (TX)
Jeff Lowery Matt Lundy Zack Madrid Trey Marcham Colton Maroney Mike Martin (AZ)
Kyle McCutcheon Jason McDougal (OK) Shannon McQueen Tye Mihocko Bill Mitchell Matt Mitchell (CA)
Tyler Most Randy Nelson Steve Nix Tom Ogle Travis Oldfield Lonnie Oliver
Josh Pelkey Daylin Perreira Alex Pettas Parker Price-Miller Justin Quinn Joe Ramaker
Bob Ream, Jr. Aaron Reutzel Frank Rodgers Dennis Rodriguez Matt Rossi Troy Rutherford
Stephen Sanchez Joe Schoepner Hunter Schuerenberg Brandon Schure Logan Seavey Jeremy Sherman
Josh Shipley Brady Short Casey Shuman Rick Shuman Ron Shuman Wayne Siddle
Jarrod Smith Ronnie Smith (NM) Mike Spencer (CA) Jon Stanbrough Chase Stockon Ryan Stolz
Steve Stone Joe Stornetta, Jr. Glenn Styres Steve Sussex Stevie Sussex Jake Swanson
Bryan Swinehart Gary Taylor (WA) Kevin Thomas, Jr. Ricky Thornton, Jr. Jesse Turner Mike Visser
Bill Waltman Luke Weegan Mike Widdle Richard Wilbee Chris Windom Jody Wirth
Mike Woodruff Brent Yarnel
122 drivers have competed in the USAC Southwest Sprint Car Series.