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Series Overview
Formerly Known As: USAC New Mexico-Arizona Regional Sprint Car Series (2002); USAC Southwest Sprint Car Series (2003-2004)
Series Founded: 2005 Series Disbanded: 2006
Car Style: 360 Wingless Sprint Region: Desert Southwest
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Rick Ziehl (7) Most Titles: No Repeat Champions
Number of Races: 33 Number of Drivers: 145
Project Status: COMPLETE
In February 2018, The Third Turn backfilled the complete history of this tour into our database. The 2005 and 2006 seasons are a little more muddled due to the ownership of the series being in flux. In March 2005, the series rejected USAC sanction and started its own sanction called Sprint Car Racing League. There was a race on 1/1/2005 at USA Raceway that the resultant SCRL seems to indicate was a race in the 2005 SCRL season. However, that race came during the USAC era and was marked as a "Special Event", meaning it would not count toward series statistics or award points. It does not appear as though SCRL retroactively changed that designation. The series appears to have died a quiet death after it's first race of 2006, though many of the teams migrated to the new ASCS Canyon Region, which you can learn about here.

Please also be aware that the series was known as the USAC Southwest Sprint Car Series in 2003 and 2004, the same name as an active USAC Tour today. That series is considered by USAC to start in 2013 and this era does not count towards those statistics. You can find a complete statistical profile of the modern USAC tour here.
Season Races Champion Margin Most Wins
2002 10 Mike Boat +143 Mike Boat (3)
2003 12 Rick Ziehl +63 Rick Ziehl (5)
2004 2 Beau Binder +19 Beau Binder & Rick Williams (1)
2005 8 Johnny Herrera Johnny Herrera (5)
2006 1 Jesse Hockett Jesse Hockett (1)