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NDRL Northeast Late Model Series

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Series Overview
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Series Founded: 2014 Series Disbanded: 2014
Car Style: Dirt Late Model Region: Pennsylvania-New York
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Six drivers (1) Most Titles: None
Number of Races: 6 Number of Drivers: 106
Project Status: Complete
On January 5, 2015, The Third Turn published the results for the NDRL Northeast Late Model Series' abbreviated history. Due to the abrupt cessation of operations by the NDRL, no championship was officially awarded in the series' sole season; results reflect standings at the time of the closure.
Driver Wins Starts %
Steve Francis 1 1 100%
Jared Miley 1 6 16.7%
Justin Kann 1 5 20%
Jason Covert 1 2 50%
Tim Fuller 1 6 16.7%
Gregg Satterlee 1 2 50%