Minnesota Mafia

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Series Overview
Formerly Known As:
Series Founded: 2013 Series Disbanded: 2014
Car Style: 360 Sprint Region: Upper Midwest
Quick Stats
Most Wins:
Brian Brown & Kaley Gharst (3)
Most Titles: Gregg Bakker (2)
Number of Races: 22 Number of Drivers:
Project Status: COMPLETE
In February 2018, The Third Turn finished backfilling the complete statistical history of this series. Please note that the Minnesota Mafia group carried on after 2014 and still actively promotes and sponsors sprint car racing events in the Greater Minnesota region. This statistical archive recognizes only the organized, point-funded tour that ran for two years as the extent of the tour.
Season Races Champion Margin Most Wins
2013 11 Gregg Bakker +8 Brian Brown (3)
2014 11 Gregg Bakker +5 Kaley Gharst (2)