Main Event Racing Series

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Series Overview
Alternatively Known As: Main Event Racing Series (1997-2012; 2015-2017); Great Lakes Helicopter Main Event Racing Series (2013-2014); Sweet Manufacturing Main Event Outlaw Tour presented by Senneker Performance (2018-2019)
Series Founded: 1994 Series active!
Car Style: Outlaw Super Late Models Region: Upper Midwest
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Rich Rohrer (18) Most Titles: Gary Whipkey (5)
Number of Races: 215 Number of Drivers: 485
Project Status: INCOMPLETE
Data for the 1994-1996 seasons is currently missing. Some data for 1997-1998 is incomplete; full race rundowns are available for all seasons from 1999 onwards. If you have any of the data that is missing, please contact us.