There were a number of 1989 NASCAR events entitled the "Budweiser 100." Did you mean:

Dash Series

1989 Budweiser 100 (Summerville)-Larry Caudill wins a mid-season effort at Summerville

Northwest Tour

1989 Budweiser 100 (Tenino)-Eventual season champ Garrett Evans claims the victory at South Sound

Southwest Tour

1989 Budweiser 100 (Cajon)-Ray Hooper, Jr. grabs his first career victory with a triumph in the Southwest Tour season opener down at El Cajon


1989 Budweiser 100 (Mesa Marin)-Mike Chase wins his first race of the year with a triumph in Mesa Marin Raceway's April race


1989 Budweiser 100 (Madera)-Dan Press picks up yet another victory with his triumph in the Madera race in June?