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1974 Metrolina 200 x100px
Held on July 7, 1974 at Metrolina Speedway in Charlotte, NC
202 L, 101 M, 162.61 KM - Extended by Scoring Difficulties

Fin St # Driver Sponsor Make Laps Led Status Pts
1 1 Richard Childress Chevy 202 8 running
2 Walter Ballard Chevy 202 15 running
3 Cale Yarborough Chevy 202 106 running
4 8 Dale Earnhardt Chevy 200 running
5 D.K. Ulrich Chevy running
6 Tony Bettenhausen, Jr. Chevy running
2 James Hylton
3 Benny Parsons 34 mechanical
Bobby Isaac
20 Buddy Baker 3 out
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Did not start:

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Time of Race: ???
Starting Lineup Set By: Time Trials
Fast Qualifier: Richard Childress - 22.18 sec.
Preliminary Feature Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/{{{PrelimWinners}}}|{{{PrelimWinners}}}]]
Heat Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/{{{HeatWinners}}}|{{{HeatWinners}}}]]
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Non-Qualifiers Race Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/{{{NonQualWinners}}}|{{{NonQualWinners}}}]]
Margin of Victory: Race Ended Under Yellow
Average Speed: 70.3 mph
Cautions: ?? for ?? laps - not available
Lead Changes: ?? among ?? drivers - Richard Childress 1-4; Benny Parsons 5-39; ???? 40-77; Cale Yarborough 78-183; Walter Ballard 184-198; Childress 199-202
Fastest Lap: Unknown/Unentered
This was a Grand National "Invitational" race