1971 Glass City 200 Glass City 200.jpg
Held on September 26, 1971 at Toledo Speedway in Toledo, OH
Missing Lap Data - Race Presumed To Run To Scheduled Distance

Fin St # Driver Sponsor Make Laps Led Status Pts
1 Bob Senneker
2 Fran Harden
3 Ed Howe
4 Larry Moore
5 Jerry Makara
6 ???
7 Tom Maier
8 Dave Gershon
9 Jim Blount
10 Joe Ruttman
11 Ron Grana
12 Ed VanderLaan
13 Danny Byrd
14 Don Irish
15 Moose Myers
16 Bob James
17 John Anderson
18 Tom Colella
19 Rodney Combs
20 Dick Haas
21 Harold Cook
22 Bud Pingston
23 Tony DeLillo
Joy Fair
A site statistician has marked the race results section "incomplete", meaning a full-field rundown of each position and corresponding driver is missing. If you have any new information to share, please contact us.
Failed to Qualify: Steve Asztalos, Ted Graves, Brian Setterington, Bob Frederick, Forrest Barron, Ron Miller, Joe Bennett, Jess Austin, Ron DeWitt, Lou Richards, Bob Rae, Dick Shaw, Wally Navarre, Ben Snyder, Ed Richardville, Chuck Gibson
Time of Race: ???
Fast Qualifier: Danny Byrd - 17.810 sec.
Heat Winners:
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Margin of Victory:
Average Speed: ??? mph
Cautions: ?? for ?? laps - not available
Lead Changes: ?? among ?? drivers - not available
  • This race was run in 2 100-lap segments, as were most of the early Glass City 200s. Based on newsapaper reports, it appears as though the second segment was the sole determinant of the of the finishing order (in contrast to "Monza-style" races, such as the Vermont Milk Bowl, which scores the overall finish of the event by combining the results of the segments).
  • In an incredibly odd turn of events, Joy Fair and Fran Harden switched cars at the halfway break. Car owner Bob Gillian had loaned Harden a back up car for the race and when Harden led at the halfway break, Gillian asked that his driver Fair be put in the car with the best chance of winning. The machine that Fair started later broke in the second half of the race with Harden behind the wheel. Fair, meanwhile, finished second to Senneker in the final rundown. The Third Turn, as is policy with most relief driver situations, credits the initial starter Harden with the second place finish. Fair seems to have been omitted from the results sheet by accident, hence why we mark this race as incomplete. He finished outside of the top-ten and thus drivers from 11th on back may be knocked back a spot if we can locate the proper finishing order.