1963 Armstrong 500 Bathurst 1000.jpg
Held at Mount Panorama Circuit on 1963/10/06
130 L, 501.93 M, 807.82 KM - Scheduled Distance

Fin St # Class Driver Sponsor Make Laps Led Status Pts
1 Class C Harry Firth
Bob Jane
Ford Cortina GT 130 running
2 Class C Frank Morgan
Ralph Sach
Holden EH S4 129 running
3 Class C Bruce McPhee
Graham Ryan
Ford Cortina GT 129 running
4 Class D Tony Reynolds
Tony Allen
Valiant AP5 126 running
5 Class D Geoff Russell
John Reaburn
Ford Zephyr 126 running
6 Class B Doug Chivas
Ken Wilkinson
Morris Cooper 125 running
7 Class B Jim Gates
Mike Nedelko
Morris Cooper 125 running
8 Class C Bill Cunliffe
Barry Broomhall
Ford Cortina GT 124 running
9 Class C Harry Budd
R. Smith
Holden EH S4 123 running
10 Class B Alan Caelli
Ern Abbott
Ford Cortina 1500 123 running
11 Class B Max Volkers
K. Burns
Ford Cortina 1500 123 running
12 Class B Wal Donnelly
John Marchiori
Morris Cooper 122 running
13 Class B Des West
John Martin
Morris Cooper 120 running
14 Class B Om Harding
Adrian Yannucelli
Morris Cooper 120 running
15 Class C Ian Grant
Trevor Marden
Holden EH S4 120 running
16 Class B Frank Matich
George Murray
Renault R8 119 running
17 Class B John Connolly
Bob Draper
Renault R8 119 running
18 Class D Bob Holden
Bill March
Peugeot 404 119 running
19 Class A Bill Ford
Barry Ferguson
Volkswagen 116 running
20 Class B Don Holland
Lindsay Little
Morris Mini 850 116 running
21 Class B Brian Foley
Peter Manton
Morris Cooper 116 running
22 Class A George Reynolds
Jim McKeown
Volkswagen 115 running
23 Class C Kevin Bartlett
Bill Reynolds
Holden EH S4 115 running
24 Class C Phil McCumisky
Lex Brailey
Holden FB 115 running
25 Class B Peter Brown
Ron Marshall
Morris Cooper 115 running
26 Class A Am Andrews
Rocky Tresise
Volkswagen 115 running
27 Class D Bert Needham
Warren Weldon
Studebaker Lark 115 running
28 Class B Charlie Smith
Ron Hodgson
Morris Cooper 115 running
29 Class B Ken Brigden
Bruce Smith
Simca Aronde 114 running
30 Class A Greg Mackie
Graham White
Volkswagen 113 running
31 Class A John Alexander
Bill Stanley
Morris Mini 850 113 running
32 Class B Barry Gurdon
Jerry Trevor-Jones
Morris Elite 113 running
33 Class B Jack Murray
Alan Edney
Morris Elite 113 running
34 Class A Barry Seton
Herb Taylor
Morris Mini 850 112 running
35 Class B Warren Blomfield
Lorraine Hill
Morris Elite 112 running
36 Class B Ron Thorp
Jim White
Morris Elite 111 running
37 Class A Frank Hann
Graham Forrest
Volkswagen 111 running
38 Class C Brian Muir
Spencer Martin
Holden EH S4 111 running
39 Class A Tom Corcoran
Digby Cooke
Morris Mini 850 111 running
40 Class B Fred Sutherland
Les Park
Renault Gordini 110 running
41 Class A Barry Collerson
Les Howard
Fiat 770 103 running
42 Class B David Walker
Ron Clarke
Renault R8 102 running
43 Class A Mike Callan
Jim Bonthorne
Triumph Herald 101 running
44 Class A Kevin Nicholson
Fred Gibson
Morris Mini 850 89 running
45 Class D Bill Burns
Brian Lawler
Humber Snipe 21 running
46 Class A Tony Hill
Frank Kleinig
Morris Mini 850 gearbox
47 Class B Doug Kelley
Graham Kelley
Morris Cooper gearbox
48 Class B Dave Humphries
Mike Martin
Morris Cooper gearbox
49 Class B Sid Howard
Les Weiley
Morris Cooper engine
50 Class B Paul Bolton
Laurie Stewart
Morris Cooper gearbox
51 Class B Carl Kennedy
Doug Stewart
Simca Aronde dnf
52 Class C Ian Geoghegan
Leo Geoghegan
Ford Cortina GT head gasket
53 Class C Jim O'Shaunnessy
John Brindley
Holden EH S4 rolled Dipper
54 Class D Bob Cook
Alwyn Rose
Valiant S accident
55 Class D Jim Wright
Ian Ferguson
Studebaker Lark rolled
56 Class D David McKay
Greg Cusack
Vauxhall Velox valve
57 Class D Bill Coe
Syd Fisher
Peugeot 404 dq
Failed to Qualify:
Time of Race: ???
Fast Qualifier: Unknown
Margin of Victory: N/A seconds
Average Speed: ??? mph
Cautions: ?? for ?? laps - not available
Lead Changes: ?? among ?? drivers - not available

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