1960 Running of the Bathurst 1000
1960 Armstrong 500 Bathurst 1000.jpg
Held at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit on 1960/11/20
167 L, 461.254 M, 742.315 KM - Scheduled Distance

Fin St # Class Driver Sponsor Make Laps Led Status Pts
1 Class D Frank Coad
John Roxburgh
Vauxhall Cresta 167 running
2 Class C Geoff Russell
David Anderson
Tony Loxton
Peugeot 403 167 running
3 Class B Doug Stewart
David Anderson
Bill Murray
Simca Aronde 162 running
4 Class C Peter Manton
Barry Topen
Morris Major 162 running
5 Class C George Spanos
Leo Taylor
Austin Lancer 161 running
6 Class B Jack Nougher
Lionel Marsh
Simca Aronde 160 running
7 Class D Jack French
Norm Beechey
Vanguard 160 running
8 Class C Bob Holden
Ken Brigden
Peugeot 403 160 running
9 Class C Brian Muir
Jim Smith
Morris Major 160 running
10 Class B Bob Brown
Michael Lempriere
Simca Aronde 160 running
11 Class C Rod Murphy
John Calloway
Morris Major 159 running
12 Class C Harry Firth
John Reaburn
Singer Gazelle 159 running
13 Class B Jack Maurer
Ern Abbott
Triumph Herald 158 running
14 Class B Ken Orman
Max McPherson
Volkswagen 158 running
15 Class D Bob Jane
Lou Molina
Ford Falcon XK 158 running
16 Class B David McKay
Greg Cusack
Volkswagen 158 running
17 Class B Arthur Wylie
Ken Wylie
Volkswagen 158 running
18 Class C Ron Lilley
Jim Gullan
Peugeot 403 157 running
19 Class B Bill Nalder
John Amp
Ford Anglia 156 running
20 Class C Brian Foley
Alan Edney
Austin Lancer 155 running
21 Class E Ray Gibbs
Murray Carter
Ford Customline 154 running
22 Class B Jim Leighton
Alan Ling
Renault Dauphine 154 running
23 Class A Lex Davison
Doug Whiteford
NSU Prinz 153 running
24 Class B Des West
Ian Geoghegan
Renault Dauphine 152 running
25 Class B Bill Pitt
Leo Geoghegan
Renault Dauphine 151 running
26 Class A Bruce Walton
Paul England
NSU Prinz 150 running
27 Class A Hoot Gibson
Jim Gorman
NSU Prinz 148 running
28 Class A Bill March
John Connolly
Renault 750 145 running
29 Class A Wal Gillespie
Lou Sinclair
Fiat 600 138 running
30 Class A Kevin Lott
G. Petty
Lloyd Alexander 135 running
31 Class A Brian Pyers
Frank Elkins
Fiat 600 135 running
32 Class A R. Slaney
G. White
Lloyd Alexander 134 running
33 Class A G. Levingston
Peter Candy
Lloyd Alexander 132 running
34 Class A Les Park
J. Fleming
Renault 750 running
35 Class B Eddie Perkins
George Reynolds
Volkswagen dnf
36 Class A Rex Emmett
Am Hawkins
Renault 750 dnf
37 Class D Bill Graetz
Fred Sutherland
Humber Super Snipe dnf
38 Class A Tony Thieler
Frank Kilfoyle
Lloyd Alexander dnf
39 Class C Bill Clemens
Don Dunoon
Hillman Minx dnf
40 Class B Graham Hoinville
Austin Miller
Triumph Herald dnf
41 Class D Gavin Youl
John Youl
Mercedes-Benz 220SE rolled
42 Class B Ray Christie
George Hughes
Simca Aronde dnf
43 Class B Barry Gurdon
Clyde Clyde
Austin Lancer dnf
44 Class D Ron Phillips
Ern Seeliger
Ford Falcon XK dnf
45 Class B Jack Murray
W. Murison
Simca Aronde dnf
Failed to Qualify:
Time of Race: ???
Fast Qualifier: Unknown
Margin of Victory: N/A seconds
Average Speed: ??? mph
Cautions: ?? for ?? laps - not available
Lead Changes: ?? among ?? drivers - not available

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